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We, the family of Smart Kids believe that education can transform lives of our kids and enable them to imbibe life-enriching moral values and positivity. Our kindergarten, which is engaged devotedly in addressing various educational needs accosting the expatriate community of Qatari diaspora, endeavors earnestly to empower its students with the required knowledge, skill, and wisdom in their formative years. Steadfastness and ingenuity are the two essential requirements of being disciplined, which will take young learners a long way in leading a meaningful life.

Students of Smart Kids with the expertise of experienced teaching faculty are inculcated the vital qualities of becoming successful citizens of tomorrow. Envisaging the pressing need to equip students with required skills, Smart Kids channelizes and influences students’ aspirations and abilities to right destinations, and thus prepares them for a life built on character. Accordingly, curriculum, resources, infrastructure, teaching methodology and evaluation techniques of the school are constantly upgraded par international standards. Smart Kids Kindergarten is striving for the holistic development of its students, and inspires them to be just and ethical citizens besides training them to be wise and principled leaders of tomorrow.

We believe that a successful educational practice can evidently be realized when students are actively engaged and involved in their own learning, and when learning is relevant to life experiences.

Every child has the potential to be great, and with our curriculum we give them the opportunity to explore their true capabilities. We want everyone to feel confident in their choice of a Smart Kids Kindergarten.

It is important for the young learner to develop ethos of respect, resilience global and local responsibility and self-pride in himself, his country and in his deep-rooted values.